Women’s Farm and Forestry Alliance

“Advancing all who produce bounty through care of the land”

WFFA Mission Statement:

The WFFA’s mission is to build strong women leaders, strong networks, and an even stronger agriculture and forestry sector by ensuring that women have access to the highest level financial and business management training along with an embedded leadership training program.


  • An educational program focused on capacity building that leads to certification of proficiency in business management, financial management, advanced credit and risk training, legal education and related subjects that will fortify and improve the ability of farm and forestry owners and operators to survive and thrive.
  • A leadership program that will prepare women farm and forestland owners and operators to step into leadership roles in local, regional, state and national organizations.


  • Women farm, ranch and forestland owners and operators


  • Web-based modules acceptable and accessible at any location
  • Enhanced learning environments offered in regional and sub regional physical locations through sites offered by WFFA partners
  • Multistate/regionally based gatherings for enhanced learning and leadership training
  • Annual national gatherings to ensure the organizations and women involved in WFFA continue to support one another and celebrate successes


  • Enhanced training
  • Leadership training
  • Certification – support for better financing options
  • Mentoring


  • The largest growing demographic in agriculture and forestry is women-owned operations and lands
  • WFFA will bring women together from across the country in areas of agriculture and forestry that have common ground – these women will learn from each other
  • WFFA will provide a place for women to receive, share and build on leadership and financial skills to improve their potential to succeed
  • The result will be a stronger voice for agriculture and forestry that focuses on the aspects of business and leadership

The Women’s Farm and Forestry Alliance is a Program through the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota.