Debby Blomberg has always made her home in rural northern Wisconsin, where she grew up on a small dairy farm.  Debby and her husband Randy own over 2500 acres of forested land in Wisconsin, which they actively manage for wildlife and timber.  Debby and Randy have owned a successful logging and trucking business for over 40 years.  Because she feels it is important to be proactive, Debby has also spent many years working to promote a positive image for, and dispel misconceptions about, the forestry community.

Debby has served on the Board of Directors of Lake States Women in Timber for over 20 years, serving three terms as President in that time.  She also served two years as Chair of Federated Women in Timber, leading the annual trip to Washington DC to discuss forestry issues with our elected and appointed officials.  Debby was the founder and first Chair of the Lake States Log A Load For Kids campaign in 1995, and currently serves on the Log A Load For Kids National Advisory Board.  She served as Chair of the National Advisory Board in 2001-02.  Debby sat for many years on the Lake States Resource Alliance Board of Directors.  From 1998-2001 Debby served on the Wisconsin Environmental Education Board.  Debby is currently a member of the Forest Resources Association’s National Public Policy Committee, and was recently asked to join Congressman Sean Duffy’s Forest Advisory Council.

In 1997 Debby and Randy were awarded the American Pulpwood Association’s National Outstanding Logger Award.  In 2004 Debby was honored as the Forest Resources Association’s National Activist of the Year.

Debby and Randy have three daughters and nine grandchildren who live in the city but love spending time in the woods with Grandma and Grandpa.