The WEgrow Program

WEgrow is an innovative new training program designed specifically to help women who produce and market agricultural or forestry products:
• Gain business financial management and marketing skills that will equip them to successfully and profitably manage their businesses.
• Reach their full potential to engage in leadership and executive roles in agricultural, forestry and community organizations and businesses.

WEgrow will accomplish these goals by developing a high quality, national training program in cooperation with partnering universities, agribusinesses, and agricultural organizations. This training program will primarily be delivered online providing ongoing, comprehensive training to supplement the growing number of women’s conferences and workshops.

The Organization

WEgrow is a program of the Women’s Farm and Forestry Alliance (WF2A) which was formed by a group of agricultural and forestry leaders representing businesses, producer organizations, government, and universities. WF2A’s mission is to build strong women leaders, strong networks, and an even stronger agriculture and forestry sector by ensuring that women have access to the highest level financial and business management training along with an embedded leadership training program. Recently WF2A partnered with the national Center for Farm Financial Management (CFFM) at the University of Minnesota to develop the WEgrow training program. CFFM has extensive experience developing both farm management training programs and online training. CFFM educational programs, software and online databases are widely used by farmers, agricultural lenders and educators across the United States.

Your organization is invited to partner with WEgrow

Partnering with WEgrow presents a unique opportunity to be involved with a movement that will transform the way women lead and manage in agriculture and forestry. Investments in the WEgrow program are available at three levels to develop and deliver training. All levels of funding support will be receipted as gifts through the University of Minnesota Foundation. For more information or to become a sponsor, call 612-605-9782.